Newsletter n°2 - January 2017   

New updates on the knowledge reservoir !

For 18 months, Winetwork project has gathered knowledge on Grapevine Trunk Diseases and Flavescence dorée all around Europe and even sometimes further. Now, this knowledge is available on an online tool, the Knowledge Reservoir. This knowledge reservoir gather videos, technical articles, scientific articles, pictures and other on both topics and in several languages and allow user to have an information just one click away!

More than 100 technical articles, 45 videos, 70 scientific articles on Flavescence Dorée and Grapevine Trunk Diseases are available on the Knowledge Reservoir. Get connected now and find the information in your language!

This tool is also a participative tool: you have information on GTDs or FD you would like to share? Subscribe to the website and create new items to take part in the Winetwork initiative.

Firsts results of the Winetwork project

The most popular practices in Europe against GTDs and FD

 During Winetwork project, 219 interviews across Europe were led (in seven countries; 10 wines regions). The aim of these interviews was to collect knowledge about GTDs and FD but also identify which practices are used on the vineyard by the winegrowers in order to limit disease's impact.

The most popular practices used against GTDs and FD and also some atypical practices that are tested on field were gathered in the following documents:

Conegliano Conference

The CIRVE Auditorium of the University of Padova in Conegliano (Italy) hosted - on November 9th 2016- a Winetwork international conference on GTD and FD. 130 persons attented including advisors, agronomists, researchers and winegrowers.

The conference program was composed by two sessions, one on GTDs and one on FD. The sessions hosted both scientific results, presented by components of Winetwork Scientific Working Groups and Italian researchers, and practical experiences, reported by Winetwork Facilitator Agents and local stakeholders. Discussion between participants were engaged, and provided interesting hints for the Future Research Agenda of the project. The presentations were digitally recorded and will be soon available on the Knowledge Reservoir.

A french initiative: a national action plan against declining vineyards

The French vine and wine sector started in 2016 a National Action Plan to fight against vine decline. This action plan does not take into account only grapevine trunk diseases but all the disease and phenomenon that lead to decrease of vine plant productivity and/or its premature, sudden or progressive death related to multiple biological or environmental factors and agricultural practices. The plan is driven by the profession, with the support of the French State and Europe.

Watch the video on monitoring Scaphoideus titanus on field

Monitoring Scaphoideus titanus larvae population allow to know when first eggs are hatching. Larvae can be observed in spring on the underside of the leaves at grapevine's base. The number of larvae can give the winegrower a clue on the risk of contamination of the plot.

Watch the video

Hungary: actual situation of Flavescence Dorée

Since November the whole territory of Badacsony mountain, located on the northwest part of Lake Balaton, is under phytosanitary quarantine because of Flavescence Dorée detection. In the last 3 years, FD was detected in 8 of the 9 Transdanubian counties (first appearance in 2013). No counties are affected east of the Danube. Eger winegrowing region is still FD-free, but local Authorities are worried of disease spread due to a high number of FD vector, Scaphoideus titanus, in the region.

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New Facilitator agents

Three news FAs in your region: Tabitha Kellerer in Rhineland Palatinate (Germany), Céline Abidon in Alsace (France) and Maria Jesus Fanjul in Galicia (Spain).

The profile of the Facilitator Agents and their contact can be find following this link.

EIP-AGRI Focus group on pests and diseases in viticulture

At the end of October the newly launched EIP-AGGRI Focus Group on Pests and Diseases in Viticulture held the frist meeting in Porto. The group is formed by 19 experts from different EU wine areas who are willing to share their experiences to offer answers to the question "how to increase resilience of grape vines to pests and diseases and support the productivity of the sector in sustainable ways?". The experts task will be completed next year, the challenge is to combine scientific knowledge and practical experience in order to contribute to the developmebt of a more resilient European viticulture.

Find more information about the FG here

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