Newsletter n°1 - March 2016   

Share knowledge, and stop loosing vines

On April 2015 started its activity WINETWORK, a new H2020 Thematic Network whose aim is the exchange and transfer of innovative knowledge between European wine-growing regions, to increase the productivity and the sustainability of the sector.

The project aims to develop a model for effective exchange of technical information in the wine sector, by creating new tools such as i) a network of Facilitator Agents, each animating a specific region, and ii) a Knowledge Reservoir conceived to host structured information but also practical experiences.

The topics chosen to test the new model are two important vine diseases of great current concern in the wine sector: Grapevine Trunk Diseases (GTD) and Flavescence Dorée (FD).

More information is available on the project website or on this downloadable leaflet in English.

Facilitator agents

FAs are the backbone of Winetwork project.

They collect the most updated scientific knowledge from the scientists, and from other regions, selecting the most useful findings for their region and fostering their transfer to practitioners. Furthermore – distinctive and innovative trait of the project – FA task is also to document successful practical experiences in their region, making this precious knowledge shareable with colleagues of other areas. Finally, FAs are bringing the issues of their region to the scientific community, contributing to build a future research agenda well adapted to producers’ needs.

The profile of the Facilitator Agents and their contact can be find following this link.

First content of knowledge reservoir

The project will collect all kind of useful information on GTDs and FD, and will storage them in a web platform called “knowledge reservoir”, that will be activated in 2016.
As a preview of what you will be able to find, you can now access - through Infowine internet journal - the following recorded seminars:

  • A scientific overview of GTDs, Vincenzo Mondello (University of Reims) - in English and in Italian

Follow the link to start profiting of the Winetwork outcomes.

Winetwork first thematic seminar

On November 10th 2015 was held in Peso da Régua (Douro Valley, Portugal), the first thematic Seminar of Winetwork “Flavescence Dorée and Grapevine Trunk diseases”.
This was a very important event for the diffusion of the project in Portugal who involved a rich and vast panel of speakers. The seminar brought together about 140 persons from all the country and from different wine sectors, including winegrowers, consultants, technicians, companies of pesticides and fertilizers, official institutions and others companies related. These events are crucial for the sensibilization of the sector and dissemination of knowledge.

More information here

H2020 thematic networks

Thematic Networks are a new instrument created by the European commission within Horizon H2020 program, to boost interactive innovation by close-to-user activities, by fostering knowledge exchange through production and dissemination of end-user oriented material, and by the establishment of future research agendas taking into account the practical needs.

Thematics networks are projects involving all concerned actors to synthesize, discuss and present existing scientific knowledge and best practices. As they bring together possible actors, thematic networks help the connecting and building of EU operational groups & multiactor projects.

Which are the other H2020 Thematic Networks?

  • OK-Net Arable: knowledge exchange in organic farming
  • HENNOVATION: Practice-led innovation supported by science and market-driven actors in the laying hen and other livestock sectors
  • AGRISPIN: Space for innovations in agriculture, identification of best practices for innovation and support systems
  • FERTINNOWA: Build a metaknowledge database and knowledge exchange platform on novel fertigation technologies and best practices for sustainable and environmentally friendly fertigation in horticulture

Conslut EIP Agri website to know the other european projects, the focus groups and share your ideas

How do you want to be informed?

Winetwork goal is to provide access to information to largest possible number of wine sector stakeholder.

Under which form this information must be made available?

Video, podcast,  training course, journal article … ?

Which is the preferred mean for a consultant?

And for a vineyard worker?

Help us finding good answers to these simple but crucial questions: participate the 5-minute survey
following this link

Join Winetwork!

If you wish to receive first-hand information on GTDs and FD, leave your data at the end of the survey and join the project network Stakeholder community

Test your knowledge !

Play the quizz on Grapevine Trunk Diseases and Flavescence Dorée on winetwork website.

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Cost Action : substainable control of grapevine trunk diseases

This Cost action has started in 2013 for a duration of 5 years with the goal to develop a network of European expertise to improve understanding of GTD by acquiring knowledge on occurrence of pathogens, vine-pathogen interaction, ecology of wood-inhabiting microorganisms, and to develop new management protocols and biocontrol approaches. This action gather 117 participant of 23 European countries to propose new recommendations for the management of GTD and establish Europe as a world leader in GTD research to safeguard vineyards.

More information on

New Biotechniology tools against pathogens

The Institute of Agriculture and Tourism in Pore? – the Croatian partner of Winetwork – highlights three initiatives on related topics in Croatia and Slovenia

Comparative and functional genomics of phytoplasmas is a research project funded by Croatian Science Foundation, whose objectives are the sequencing of the most widespread phytoplasmas in Croatia

Epidemiology and Biodiversity Studies of Plant Pathogens is a Slovenian research project aimed to develop and apply new biotechnology methods (NGS) to identify pathogens brought into the country through imported plant material

Croatian national surveillance programmes on Flavescence dorée and other harmful plant organisms


European Union  
Winetwork has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 652601.